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About us

Igs started its journey in 2003 in one of the most beautiful, environmentally friendly, and economically developed regions of Russia – Sakhalin Island. Today it is a 100% Russian dynamically developing multidisciplinary service company with extensive experience in working with international organizations, and providing more than 250 jobs in the region.


For 20 years of
successful work

on Sakhalin in the oil and gas sector, we have assembled a professional and vibrant team of like-minded people who successfully manage projects in three main areas:

* supply chain management
* environmental solutions
* maintenance of hazardous production facilities

Our Priorities

First and foremost, our employees are of great value to us. Involvement of experts and professionals in our team is one of the most important aspects of our work

We strongly believe that company’s high goals become achievable thanks to our team of like-minded people, who share a common value system.

We improve management in the field of environmental protection using modern technologies.

The environment protection is our absolute priority as well. We strongly feel that the concern of the environment should be a priority with every business nowadays. 

In order to achieve high results and strengthen our position as the best environmental safety company in the region, we are constantly investing and improving our production facilities. Future-oriented investments in the company’s sites are another top priority for IGS.

Sergey Popsuev
Chief Executive Officer
Yuriy Butakov
Chief Financial Officer
Yana Bobyleva
Chief Administrative Officer
Eugenia Kondius
Head of Health & Safety Department
Dmitry Krutyh
Head of Supply Chain Services


Working for the benefit of Sakhalin Island, development of the region, meeting the high standards of responsible business.

We invest in new technologies

and develop them properly to effectively counteract the factors that affect the world of nature. Our business meets all the requirements of labor and environment safety.

In the field of supply chain management, we develop the direction in the region, introducing advanced standards for the provision of services and performing our work at the highest level, doing everything possible to enable companies to work comfortably with us.

Labour Safety

We ensure the stable operation of the company, take into account risks, put the life and health of employees as a priority.

No work shall be carried out without full confidence in the safety of the operations performed for people and the environment. First of all, we want our employees to return home to their families unharmed.

Our international certificates

The Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2015 confirms the adherence of our services’ quality to international regulations.

The ecological management system at IGS  completely meets the international requirements ISO 14001:2015.

The Occupational and Health Safety management system at IGS completely meets the international requirements ISO 45001:2018.

To pursue the preservation of the ecological state of the environment, we operate only certified equipment. 

IGS has repeatedly established itself as a company that implements advanced standards in the region and performs its work at the highest level.

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